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Product Information:

This brand new package includes the biggest of our big carnival games. It includes five 10’x10’ blue and white striped canopies and five BIG games. Giant Plinko, Giant Roller Bowler, Giant Ring-a-Bottle, Giant Clowning Around, and Giant Wiffle Ball Toss. This huge package will WOW your crowd. 

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  • Giant Clowing Around

    This 5’ tall carnival game houses 18 colorful clowns. Test your aim and strength as you throw bean bags and try to know as many clowns down as you can. 

  • Giant Plinko

    Players drop their disk from the top of a 5’ Plinko board in a game of chance. Watch as it hits pins and bounces around. Will luck be on your side and it will land in the right slot?

  • Giant Ring the Bottle Carnival Game

    This gigantic game is exactly like you see at carnivals. Players must throw small rings and successfully land them around the top of coke bottles. 

  • Giant Roller Bowler

    This gigantic tabletop game allows four players to compete at once. Players must use the right amount of strength to get their full size bowling ball nestled in the correct spot.

  • Giant Wiffle Ball Toss

    This huge carnival game is great for all ages. Players will use patience and skill to get their wiffle balls to land on their designated colored rings. If they miss, the wiffle ball will fall down empty holes. 

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