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Product Information:

Includes five 8' x 8' red and white striped canopies and the following five classic carnival games that are a lot of fun and have been around forever: Clowning Around, Over Under, Ring Toss, Krazy Cans, and an antique Milk Can Toss Game. 

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

8' x 40'

Space Needed:


  • Clowning Around

  • Krazy Kans Game

    Players must clear the pyramid of cans off the pedestal with only three beanbags. This is a fun game that makes some noise and generates excitement when played. 

  • Milk Can Toss GamePlayers get three tries to get a ball into the Milk Can. This is a classic carnival game that all will recognize. In a real carnival they put an insert in the top of the can that makes it almost impossible to win. Our Milk Cans do not have the insert so the player can actually win the game.
  • Over/Under GameThe player rolls six balls down the game into the partitions with numbers. If they get a score of less than 11 or over 30 then they are a winner! Size is 5’ x 20” wide. This is a hard game but perfect for those who cannot toss, ring or throw. It is more luck than skill. If you want to make it easier than just change the score required to win the game.
  • Ring Toss Game1 1/2'' rings and multiple poles; Each player gets five tries to get a ring over one of the poles. This is a hard to win classic and enjoyed by all ages.

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