Interactive Inflatables

Check out our interactive inflatables.

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Players are safely strapped into a specially designed harness attached to a parachute inside the inflatable spacecraft. The attendant turns on a second blower and the player goes way up above the crowd for a birds eye view of everything. The attendant turns off the blower and the player floats gently down to earth. This is a very unique fun experience for kids. Maximum weight is 175 pounds.



The fun begins when children step inside one of these brightly colored characters and find themselves in a whirlwind of flying balloons. The Balloon Typhoons combine all of the elements of motion, color and catch. This is the perfect choice for the 3 to 8 crowd.

Choose from a friendly Clown or the Baboon Typhoon.

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This is a cross between a basket ball competition and tug of war. Each similar size player starts in the middle attached at the waist to their opponent with a bungee cord. On your Mark Get Set Go! Each player tries their best to make a basket on their side of the inflate, the problem is their opponent is trying to do the same thing as they are attached to each other with a bungee cord that will only stretch so far. Try to make a long shot and miss and you to experience the challenge of trying to pick up your ball while your opponent is pulling like crazy to get closer to their basket. Loose your balance while shooting and the other player will take advantage and bring you back to the middle so they have an easier shot. This is a challenging game that is fun to play and even more fun to watch.



A giant bungee cord is attached to each player. Each player runs as far as they can until they are pulled back like a giant sling shot. Each player marks his or her distance with a velcro marker on the center wall. This 36' long inflatable will keep them coming back for more!



Players on this life-size foosball "table" must hold tight to sliding sheaths covering flexible rods so, as with non-human foosball, they're restricted predominantly to lateral movement during play. Using a standard soccer ball, you and you 9 best kick-happy friends can try their foot at human foosball!



Toxic Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions. Jump, duck and be quick so you don’t get knocked off the podiums by the moving joust!



The inflatable version of twister. If you thought the regular version of twister was funny, wait until you see people going for right hand blue when the surface is inflated. This is fun for kids and adults and a real crowd pleaser.



Surf’s up! Get ready for summer at the beach and hop on our mechanical surfboard for the ride of you life. With out surf machine you can hang ten anywhere. An operator controls the system by adjusting the angle and motion of the surfboard adjusting difficulty levels to suit each individual. Don’t worry about wipeouts, participants fall into an ocean of inflatable fun.



Kids enter through the mouth and encounter biffers. baffers and all sorts of other cool stuff to climb over and through. There is also a slide at the end to add to the excitement. This unit is over 55' of fun and will entertain up to 250 kids per hour.



The player slips on a specially designed Velcro suit and launches themselves into the air off the inflatable cushion step to see how high they can go. They stick to the wall in the position they hit it. Hilarious and fun!



It's a Wacky World, especially in this fun-filled adventure! Run, climb crawl, hopscotch, slide, jump, dodge, squeeze and twist yourself wacky. Wacky World incorporates both a hopscotch and twister style surface for kids to play. Excitement abounds! The inflate is 29' x 28' and is 12' tall.



Wrecking Ball is the best game to challenge your friends in a duel! The players get onto a inflated pedestal and use the giant Wrecking Ball to knock each other off onto the inflate!